Experience, Quality and Service.

IDEALCAB has been founded by skilled technicians, with thirty years-experience, for the production of high quality “custom-built” lift cars, made with particular care. Thanks to the thirty years’ experience and the passion of the technicians, the knowledge of the materials and the manufacturing processes, starting from a preliminary project or an executive drawing, IDEALCAB is able to design and manufacture all kind of lift cars and to suggest, if necessary, alternatives without modifying the original idea of the customer.

Our products, custom-built lift cars.

IDEALCAB manufactures lift cars realized according to the regulations in force. We produce normal cars for persons and goods, as well as anti-vandal and scenic cars, for interior or weather proof lifts. Our cars are manufactured using selected high quality materials: plastic coated or painted sheets, all types of stainless steels and of lining (plastic laminates, wood, glass).
All parts and details are subjected to a “quality control” during every production phases in order to guarantee the perfection of each car. The experience as well the passion of our technicians allow to satisfy all kind of requests and offer a precise and highly qualified service. Our lift cars are unique: those shown in this site are some examples of our realizations.


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